About Southwestern Printing

Southwestern Printing Old Logo ImageTrave-Walker Printing Company was located at 408 West 6th in Oklahoma City. The Trave-Walker partnership was ended in the 1920's and then became the Trave-Taylor Printing Company. As you can see from the photos this was quite a sizeable printing concern for the times.

Southwestern Printing Old Logo ImageTrave-Taylor was acquired by "The Southwestern Stationery and Bank Supply Company" of Lawton. Southwestern was a banking supply company that was looking to expand it's services by offering quality printing to their customers. The company later expanded with offices in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Ponca City, Amarillo and Wichita Falls, TX.

In 1956 Southwestern had outgrown the old printing location (which still stands) and built a new facility at 4500 North Santa Fe. That same year the company began a "profit sharing" program, one of the first companies to do so in Oklahoma City.Southwestern Printing Old Logo Image

Mr. Ted Warkentin was the president until 1961. Forrest Burns reigned from 1961-62. The company was under the leadership of Frank Polk from 1962-1996. Mr. Bob Allee then purchased the company and keeping with a long-standing history of innovation, began a series of upgrade steps. Southwestern now stands as perhaps one of the most professional state-of-the-art companies in the southwest area.

Southwestern Printing Press Photo